Summer Basketball Camp


Our YES Program employs a holistic approach to youth leadership and athletic development using basketball as a vehicle to increase participation in physical education and uplift the youth participants to become leaders on the court and in their community, lead healthier lifestyles, and overcome socio-economic problems.

Over the past year, we have provided a similar program during the fall and spring serving over 120 kids during each semester. Our goal with the summer basketball camp is to provide youth a safe, positive environment for them to enjoy their summer. All of our volunteer coaches and trainers have prior work experience coaching youth and all coaches have previously volunteered at either our fall or spring program. Below, we provided additional information about our summer camp.

We hope to see you on June 10th!

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Ages 7-14

Youth participants are divided up into two groups based on age that reflect the typical school age groups.
Group 1: Ages 7-10
Group 2: Ages 11-14

9-Week Camp

Our Summer Camp runs for nine (9) consecutive Saturdays from June 24th – August 12th. The 9 weeks are divided into:
4 weeks of basketball skills development
5 weeks of basketball games.

Skills Development

Drills include:
Warm-up & Stretching Exercises
Dribbling & Passing Drills
Shooting Drills
Defense Drills

Registration Fee

The registration fee is a one time fee and is tiered based on the participant’s age. All participants will receive a shirt and a complete uniform (tank top & shorts).
Ages 6-8: $75.00
Ages 9-14: $125.00

REGISTRATION: JUNE 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Location: Raoul Wallenberg Playground, 189th Street & Amsterdam Avenue, 10040

How Our Camp Works

4 Weeks of Drills (Indoor)

Dates: June 24 – July 15
Gregorio Luperon High School, 501 W 165th St, New York, NY 10032
Teach youth fundamental basketball skills to prepare them for team play.
Drill Stations: Shooting | Defense | Dribbling moves | Strength and Conditioning
Duration: Each session will run for two 2 hours
Breakdown: 30 Min Shooting | 30 Min Defense | 30 min Dribbling Moves | 30 min SaC | 1hr of in game situations (scrimmages). Youth will receive 5 min water breaks per each station.
Uniform: Shirts (will be provided)
Special guest will be invited to facilitate a session. Week 4 is assessment day in the park.

4 Weeks of Drills (Indoor)

Location: Raoul Wallenberg Playground, 189th Street & Amsterdam Avenue, 10040
Breakdown: A draft will take place at the park and young athletes will be drafted by their coach. Prior to the draft, skill assessments will be conducted to ensure the teams are evenly organized based on skill level. On draft day, team coaches will select the youth participants from various skill levels to complete their teams.  After the draft, each team is guaranteed 4 games and playoffs are single game elimination.
Draft: June, 24th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (games will be played that day)
Rules: 12-minute half’s (clock stops under 1 minute) | 1 referee | Max of 8 players per team | 6 teams per division | Everyone must play!
Uniform: Jersey and shorts (will be provided)

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"I like neighborhood-based activities and programs. Kids get their workout in. My daughter feels great after a session. She looks forward to coming here. She practices the exercises at home with me too."

Junior Rojas (Parent)

"This is the only program I know in the Washington Heights that does basketball. It is within walking distance. My daughter showed interest in basketball so I decided to enroll her."

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Alexandra (Parent)

"I really didn't know about this program. my friend saw the flyer on social media and sent it to me right away. I said "let's go." My son loves it. I've recommended this program to 5 people already. They have come and they are happy. I have a nephew coming from New Jersey and he looks forward to coming."

Cecilia (Parent)

"Kids get healthy, grow strong and learn how to play a team sport. They can maintain a good head, always positive."

Diogenes Santos (Parent)

"This is my son's first time playing basketball and it is an opportunity for him to meet other children and learn the sport. He gets to meet new kids, learning discipline and being a part of the community. I'm encouraging community sport. I brought four of my friends, my godson, a coworker's kid, and two friends I grew up with."

Cynthia Rodriguez (Parent)

"Kids explore a new sport, gain confidence in themselves and stay active. The connection they have with the coaches and the attention coaches give them is good."

Leydis Bautista (Parent)

"Today there are a lot of overweight kids. On Saturdays, they aren't doing much. The [YES] program keeps them active. This program supports them and shows them they can be somebody. It teaches skills they can use in the future. The coaches teach them skills and discipline."

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Illiana (Parent)