Uplift Mentorship Program

Our vision is to create a wholesome environment conducive to the socio-economic progress of disadvantaged New Yorkers. The unmet socio-economic needs of low-income residents cultivate intolerable conditions that lead to poor education, bad health, inadequate housing and high levels of unemployment. Ultimately, residents of these communities become inundated in a perpetual cycle of frustration, despair and hopefulness which are often transferred to the next generation. 

Our Uplift mentorship program aims to mitigate these problems by partnering socio-economically disadvantaged youth and young adults with college students, community members, and professional adults. Through formal and informal guidance, we hope to foster more quality social contacts and increase access to tertiary education. By focusing on academic achievement, timely high school graduation, and career guidance, we can produce positive outcomes for our students and our local communities. 

Snapshot of Washington Heights & Inwood

Highest Level of Education Attainment Comparison

(Adults 25 years and older)

College Graduate

Washington Heights & Inwood 36%
Manhattan 63%
New York City 41%

High school graduate or some college

Washington Heights & Inwood 35%
Manhattan 24%
New York City 39%

Less than high school

Washington Heights & Inwood 30%
Manhattan 14%
New York City 20%

Income Stress Comparison


Washington Heights & Inwood 27%
Manhattan 18%
New York City 21%


Washington Heights & Inwood 16%
Manhattan 8%
New York City 11%

Rent Burden

Washington Heights & Inwood 54%
Manhattan 45%
New York City 51%
Source: King L, Hinterland K, Dragan KL, Driver CR, Harris TG, Gwynn RC, Linos N, Barbot O, Bassett MT. Community Health Profiles 2015, Manhattan Community District 12: Washington Heights and Inwood; 2015.

Application Process

 Youth Mentees:
  • Must be between ages 7-17.
  • Must be a resident of Washington Heights or Inwood.
  • Must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  • Must complete the Uplift Mentee Application.


 Prospective Mentors:
  • Must be 18 and older.
  • Must be able to commit one full year or more.
  • Must be willing meet with the mentee whenever needed, or at least four hours per month. 
  • Must submit semesterly update reports.
  • Must pass a criminal background check.
  • Must complete a two-hour mentoring training session.
  • Must complete the Uplift Mentor Application.